Steering Board members 2019 for Exeter Library Listening Booth​​​​​​​.

Are you interested in helping programme work for the Listening Booth?
The programming of Listening Booth will be steered by residents of Exeter with an interest in audio-based content for the public. This might be poetry, podcasting, music, sound art, radio plays, fiction etc. Hugh McCann, designer of the Listening Booth will bring the board together 1+ times a month to discuss programming and fundraising opportunities.
If you are interested, please e-mail Hugh @
Selection will take place by mid February, when the Listening Booth is launched. 
Please express interest by early February 7th.

Have your work played in the Listening Booth.

If you produce audio work in any genre or format, and are interested in sharing your work via the Listening Booth, please get in touch by e-mailing This is an informal process and suggestions will be considering on an individual basis.
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